Symposium Invited Speakers

NT21 Invited Symposium Speakers

Symposium 1 - 2nd Symposium on Synthesis, Purification, Functionalization, and Manufacturing of Carbon Nanotubes and Low-Dimensional Materials

  • Renu Sharma, NIST, U.S.A - "Revealing the Nucleation, Growth Mechanisms and Role of Catalyst of Single-Wall Carbon Nanotube Growth" 
  • Suguru Noda, Waseda University, Japan - "Enhancing Carbon Nanotube Production via Careful Control over Catalyst" 
  • Benjamin Flavel, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Germany - "The Effect of Endohedral Filling on Separation" 
  • Wei Sun, Peking University, China - "CNT Assembling"

Symposium 2 - 3rd Symposium on Nanocarbon Materials for Energy and Sustainability

  • Michael De Volder, University of Cambridge, U.K. - "3D CNT Current Collectors for Li-Ion Batteries" 
  • Dawid Janas, Silesian University of Technology, Poland - "Is Nanocarbon Black, Green, or Both? Towards Sustainable Energy with Carbon Nanotubes" 
  • Juan José Vilatela, IMDEA, Span - "High-Performance Materials Based on Nanoscopic Building Blocks: From Composites to Electrodes" 

Symposium 3 - 8th Symposium on Carbon Nanotube Macromaterials and Their Electronic, Thermal, and Structural Properties

  • Andrei Khlobystov, University of Nottingham, United Kingdom - "Chemistry in the World's Tiniest Test Tube" 
  • Chris Ewels, CNRS, Institute of Materials, Nantes, France - "1D-nanomaterial confinement: Red-phosphorus encapsulated within single-walled carbon nanotubes" 
  • Thomas Pichler, University of Vienna, Austria - "Unravelling the properties of carbyne confined inside carbon nanotubes" 
  • Esko Kauppinen, Aalto University, Finland - "SW, DW and FW CNTs and graphene-CNT hybrids for flexible electronics applications"

Symposium 4 - 11th Symposium on Carbon Nanomaterials Biology, Medicine and Toxicology

  • Rachel Meidl, Rice University, U.S.A. - "Accelerating the Energy Transition with Carbon Nanotubes Requires Closing Critical Policy Gaps and an Understanding of Nano-related Environment, Health and Safety Information"
  • Ardemis Boghossian, Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne, Switzerland - "Bioengineering DNA-based Optical Nanotube Sensors Using Directed Evolution and Xenonucleic Acids (XNAs)"
  • Dan Roxbury, University of Rhode Island, U.S.A. - "Multispectral Fingerprinting Resolves Dynamics of Nanomaterial Trafficking in Primary Endothelial Cells"
  • Matteo Palma, Queen Mary University of London, U.K. - "Protein site-specific coupling to carbon nanotubes : from single-molecule nanohybrids to nanoscale biosensors with tuned electrostatic gating"

Symposium 5 - 11th Graphene and 2D Materials Symposium

  • Ajit Srivastava, Emory University, U.S.A. - "Interacting Excitons in van der Waals Heterostructures of TMDs"
  • Aditya Mohite, Rice University, U.S.A. - "Semiconductor physics of 2D organic-inorganic perovskites"
  • Guillaume Cassabois, Université de Montpellier, France - "Deep-ultraviolet spectroscopy in hexagonal boron nitride: from bulk to monolayer"

Symposium 6 - 14th Symposium on Nanotube Spectroscopy, Photonics, and Applications in Metrology

  • Shohei Chiashi, University of Tokyo, Japan - "Synthesis of single-walled carbon nanotube @ boron nitride nanotubes and their optical properties" 
  • Paul Finnie, National Research Council Canada, Canada - "Full Spectrum Raman Excitation Mapping of Carbon Nanotubes and Making Raman Spectroscopy More Metrological" 
  • Edward H. Egelman, University of Virginia, U.S.A. - "Using Cryo-EM to Understand the Structure of DNA on Single-Wall Carbon Nanotubes" 
  • Salomé Forel, University of Antwerp, Belgium - "Calibrating Raman cross-sections of sorted SWCNT samples" 
  • Laurent Cognet, University of Bordeaux, France - "Tailoring carbon nanotubes to propel super-resolution microscopy applications at near-infrared wavelengths"

Symposium 7 - 15th Symposium on Computational Challenges in Nanotubes, 2-D Materials, and Their Macroscopic Assemblies

  • Nicola Marzari, Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne, Switzerland - "Computational exfoliation of all inorganic materials, and what one can find there" 
  • Feng Ding, Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology, South Korea - "The Routes toward the Epitaxial Growth of Wafter-Scale Single Crystalline of 2D Materials" 
  • Boris I. Yakobson, Rice University, U.S.A. - "New theory insights in 1D-nanotubes and 2D-layers growth and properties"
  • Tony Low, University of Minnesota, U.S.A. - "2D materials plasmons: physics and applications"
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